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Elaborate schemes set in motion over a millennium ago are coming to fruition.

Nemhain, the youngest of the Morrigan, is pregnant. Incensed when Thor, the God of Thunder, refuses to publicly acknowledge their dalliance, the Celtic sorceress confronts Odin and the other ruling gods of Asgard and foretells the destruction of their pantheon by her as yet unborn child.

That his empire might survive, Marduk, the Babylonian god of gods, creates a multitude of warriors to battle on his behalf against the invading Sumerians. Two thousand years later, his descendants are preparing to celebrate the impending marriage of the king’s eldest son.

Amun Ra, titular head of the Egyptian pantheon, appears before Paxton, king of the fire demons, to announce that his mate Kindra is with child.

As the Gods plot, the nexus of their intrigue is a teenager by the name of David Peterson. His life, and those closest to him, will be thrown into turmoil.

And it all starts with a glass of orange juice . . .



Anderikers black market sex trade has flourished for centuries. Innocent souls plucked from the streets and forced to perform acts of unspeakable depravity. Lives irrevocably ruined. The council, powerless to stop it. The owners of the most sordid of these establishments have made acquisitions that have brought them into direct confrontation with Spencer Darvin, Chief of Council Investigations.

But before Spencer can bring these purveyors of pleasure to justice, he is confronted with a specter from his past, the horrible reality of his present, and the yet-to-be-discovered hope of his future. Love. Betrayal. Honor. Remorse.

Can he choose his path, or will the gods choose for him?

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Fiona is tragically orphaned when her father, the great druid priest, Braiden, is senselessly murdered at the hands of the evil Chyndrea; vengeance, however, is not so easily satisfied. Chyndreas Praetorian guard repeatedly thwarts Fionas bloodlust, and when her latest attempt at revenge shatters her mind and body, she is involuntarily committed to the asylum.

The rakishly handsome Chadwick Remington is in regular attendance at the asylum, visiting the residents in his capacity as an ambassador of goodwill. Its only a matter of time before he becomes enamored with a certain auburn-haired beauty, and Fiona and Chad become lovers.

After a two-hundred-year internment, and with the help of Chad, Fiona escapes the asylum, but her freedom is short-lived. Captured by her old nemesis, Fiona must battle werewolves, fire demons, implacable antagonists from her past, and ruthless gods of the ancient world to reclaim her very soul!

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Marlene Peterson is content and satisfied as a wife and mother until she meets Edric and he turns her life completely upside down. She is forced to embrace her true heritage and believe in the impossible. Lord Kenway is a centuries-old immortal who has pledged his loyalty to a beautiful but evil sorceress. He is honor-bound to obey her commands to destroy innocent lives. Marlene and her family are the next victims of this ancient sorcery. After one look at Marlene, Edric's heart cannot bear the thought of harm coming to this woman. He sacrifices everything he is and ever will be to save her.

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