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About the Author

Clair Conway is the author of the Anderiker series which include the titles Surrender, Reclaim, Capture, and most recently, Forbidden. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Secondary Education, teaching high school English and Journalism in New Mexico for more than ten years, after which she returned home to Denver Colorado to explore new horizons in clinical pharmacy. Clair’s favorite pastimes include writing about adventures in new worlds and indulging her two dogs, Danu and
Loki. She can often be found on back country Jeep trails of the Rocky Mountains, or traveling to cities embedded with mythic and legendary histories.

The Anderiker series continues with book five, Taboo, coming soon.

Blue Ink Review

Capture Anderiker Book III, “ . . . the story is tightly plotted, fluidly written, and filled with action and adventure. It is wildly ambitious and outrageously erotic—the illegitimate lovechild of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Pauline Réage’s The Story of O.”

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